Tips For Mounting An Epoxy Garage Floor Finish

We ask all the time what the best epoxy floor coating for a garage floor is. This actually depends on a lot of various variables. The first question is what will certainly the floor actually be used for. Many individuals are now transforming their garages into playrooms, man caves, and even bedrooms. These uses would call for a various sort of flooring than if you prepare to utilize the garage for its designated usage: parking the auto.

For a lot of garage floor applications, you can pick either mats or a repainted on covering. Floor coverings are good if you mean to only be in the house for a short amount of time. However, if you have your residence and also plan to stay in it for many years you will be much better off with a long-term coating. Once again you have numerous options yet, by far, the most effective selection for a concrete surface is going to be epoxy.

Epoxies for house usage can be found in two selections. The two-part system is included material as well as hardener which are incorporated to create the actual blend which will certainly be rolled out. This polymer will certainly cure to an extremely tough surface that is nearly unbreakable. When you get finished with the application of this epoxy coating you will certainly have a layer of protection concerning 10 mils thick.

The other choice is a water based epoxy. Whereas the solids percentage in the two-part is 100% it is only around 40% -50% in the water-based range. This is due to the enhancement of water to be used as the liquefying medium. Normally, the higher the portion of solids, the thicker the resulting coat will certainly be.

Despite which type of epoxy you apply, the preparation of the floor is of utmost significance. In a garage specifically, you will most likely have a couple of oil stains from drips under the automobile and even spillage during an oil adjustment. These spots need to be entirely gotten rid of in order for the epoxy to bond properly with the concrete surface area. This action is completed with a top quality degreaser. You can make use of either a solvent based degreaser or a more environmentally friendly one, simply make sure it does not leave any kind of deposit.

After degreasing clean the flooring with soap and also water and then allow it dry entirely. The best idea is to position a heating system in the epoxy flooring for overnight with a window cracked to let out the high moisture.


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